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Dr Soil Health

Special prize

₹140.00 /




Dr. Soil Health is manufactured using plant extracts which supplements energy source for higher yield and harvest. Dr Soil Health is composed of natural earthworm exudates, seaweeds extract, amino acids, vitamins, Fulvic acids, humic acids, chelated micro and macro nutrients, which are derived from natural plant origin. Dr Soil Health is very rich in micronutrients. Dr. Soil Health will result in development of roots & shoots and stimulates the cell division, improves the crop size and increasing the beneficial micro-organisms.


Dr Soil Health promotes organic / natural crop cultivation practices in place of conventional chemical practices. After application of Dr Soil Health, one can notice desirable progress such as soil turning soft, growth of earthworm, new roots formation, good vegetative growth of crops and finally higher yields. Dr. Soil Health is very much suitable for urban agriculture or kitchen or terrace garden practices. To meet the requirement of the same, 250 ml of Dr Soil Health has been launched at Rs.140 per bottle.


Suitable crop

All crops

Organic/ Inorganic



All nutrients & beneficial microorganisms

Available form


Solubility in water



5 Ltr / 500 Ltr of water

Foliar application

10 ml/ Ltr of water


50 kg of soil/ 5 Ltr of Dr Soil Health