Grow Bag

HDPE Grow bag

HDPE Grow bag

HDPE grow bags are made from strong woven high density polyethylene material. HDPE grow bags have full UV protection against the sun for a longer life. Square HDPE Woven Grow Bag 12″x12″x 12″ are ideal for terrace gardens, balconies or small gardens. These offers a wider area for the roots to grow, prevents root circling and promotes better growth compared with plastic pots, which are mostly conical in shape. HDPE bags are highly durable and hardly any breakages can be noticed. These are increasingly popular in recent years with higher usage for plants such as flower, vegetables and fruits. HDPE grow bags are best situated for terrace gardening and urban agriculture Round HDPE bags also available with us besides LDPE grow bags.

Product Specification

Material HDPE
Usage/Application To grow vegetable and other flowering crops on terrace of house
Size Different sizes
Color Green
Shape Shape

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