Coco peat

Coco Peat Block

Coco peat block / bricks consists of the coir fibre pith or coir dust which is obtained by processing coconut husk and removing the long fibres. Cocopeat block / bricks are catching up in recent years both in the domestic and overseas market as it is compressed and easy to transport for long distance. Coco peat 5 kg block will expand between 25 to 30 kgs after adding water. Besides being an organic media and excellent substrate, coco peat blocks works out very well for nurseries, greenhouses, urban agriculture/ terrace gardening/ kitchen gardens as desired quality like pH value can be ensured, handling operations will be simple and overall cost will be lower compared with other media.

Product Specification

Material coir pith
Pack Size 5KG
Packaging Type 30*30*15
Usage/Application To grow plants in soil less conditions
Shape/ block type Square
Color Brown
PH Value 5.5 to 6.5
Compression Ratio 15
Weight 4.5 to 5kg
Dimension 30CM X30CM X 12CM
Product Type ORGANIC
Features Best to hold water and nutrition
Application Add 25 litre water to Coco peat 5 kg block, the same will expand to 25 - 30 kgs of Coco sprout

Cocopeat Powder

Coco peat powder is ready form of coconut media generally available both in enriched and regular form. If coco peat is enriched, there will be a limited need for further treatment and addition of nutrients while crops planting. Cocopeat powder will be normally supplied in 25 kg bags as it is weight less material. The criteria will be looked into while purchasing cocopeat powder are quality of powder, washed or not, enriched or not, moisture content, pH & EC levels etc.

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