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Coco Peat Powder

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Coco peat powder is ready form of coconut media generally available both in enriched and regular form. If coco peat is enriched, there will be a limited need for further treatment and addition of nutrients while crops planting. Cocopeat powder will be normally supplied in 25 kg bags as it is weight less material. The criteria will be looked into while purchasing cocopeat powder are quality of powder, washed or not, enriched or not, moisture content, pH & EC levels etc.


The usage of coco peat as a replacement for traditional peat in soil mixtures or as a soil-less substrate for plant cultivation is growing in recent years. Coco peat is mainly used both in urban agriculture operations and also for crop cultivation under controlled conditions i.e., greenhouse. Coco peat is an organic material and its production is part of the many uses of the coconut. It is an excellent substrate for root development and therefore transplanting can be made directly into the Cocopeat with no need for any further treatment or agent. Way2Agritech cocopeat bricks are being used for Terrace/ Kitchen gardening. It is ideal growing media for plants and is used for horticultural and agricultural applications. The key features are retaining moisture and storing and releasing nutrients to roots over an extended period.



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